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19th Sep 2014, 7:45 AM in 3: RIVALS
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PrussianMoose 19th Sep 2014, 7:45 AM edit delete
We did it!

I've been sick this week, which sucks, but on the bright side I'm gonna be getting insurance in this state soon. So yay! Yay insurance! Yay being able to see a doctor when I need to!
So, anyway, since I've been unfocused and snotty I haven't really been able to match my usual page output (or any page output). Hopefully we won't be catching up to my buffer and forced into Hiatus any time soon, but, *IF* that happens I want to let you that I am always accepting guest comics so people at least have something to look at. You will be sourced and your comic will be linked heavily, plus you'll be added to our ever expanding list of fanartists. And, hell, I'll probably end up adding your characters to the list of cameo'able peeps so that's fun.
It's definitely not money, though, so pleaseeee don't feel pressured!! Um, yeah, pretty sure that's all the news I have today!
Yay illness!


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BohemicDreams 21st Sep 2014, 7:26 AM edit delete reply

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