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Comics I love!

Broodhollow: Scary Lovecraft-type horror comic!
Kiwi Day N: Adorable anime adventures and MANY PUNS. (Mild nsfw)
West Tree Academy of Heroes: Croooood. (Mild nsfw)
Cucumber Quest: A rabbit boy and his sister go on an epic quest! Only one of them really wants to be there.
Ruby Quest: Cute story about a cute bunny done in the MSPA style!
Charby the Vampirate: The comic that started my terrible downhill spiral into webcomics. Monsters, children and monster children!
Warrior U: Girly Bard and Manly Warrior go on advenutures! There's a blood thirsty, genocidal unicorn involved!
Hark! A vagrant: History is sexy and also totally weird. Basically everythingy you need to know, ditch your classes this is legit.
Nedroid: Uh....
Gunshow: Hmmmm.
Demon's Mirror: Bad ass ladies, Magic, Demons, Mirrors, Talking birds... is there even anything else to write webcomics about?
Whomp: Oh. Wow. 10/10


People I love! (blogs)

My copilot: Captain Whosit!

My sister: Lilpea!

My Dungeons and Dragons Group: Sir Black Axe | Moonhaven | Mostly Harmless



Things I love!


The Escapist Magazine

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO All Music considered 24/7 music channel (I listen to this while I draw!)

My other webcomic pals at Name Pending Creations!

Multiplayer Enabled Let's plays! I do their art!





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